Privacy Policy

We recognise the importance of protecting your privacy and our policy is designed to assist you.

1. Who we are

We understand how important your privacy is to you and ensure any personal data you provide us with is treated with respect, is properly protected and handled in accordance with UK data protection rules and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (GDPR).

This website is owned and operated by Techno Digital Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 11457945) with its registered office at 4th Floor 18 St. Cross Street, London, England, EC1N 8UN. Techno Digital Limited is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Conduct Authority Register (registration number 813775). Techno Digital Limited is also licenced by the Information Commissioner’s Office, (registration number ZA440845).

Techno Digital Limited is an appointed representative under Loan Mart Limited (company number 08254104) with its registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. Loan Mart Limited is authorised and registered by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the Financial Conduct Authority Register (registration number 734406). Loan Mart Limited is licenced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (registration number Z3371683).

Contained within this statement and set out below are details of the type of personal data we may hold about you, our customer, how we obtain and process any personal data we may have and, most importantly, how we protect your privacy. This policy relates only to the personal data submitted or collected via this website.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding how we use your personal data or any questions regarding any of the information provided in this statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

2. General Data Protection Principles

You are visiting our website to apply for a personal loan. In order to match you with the best lender or credit broker we have asked you to provide us with personal information. You need to know where your personal information is being sent, who is using it and why. You also need to be sure your personal information is kept safe and used only for the purposes you have agreed to.

Under the GDPR we are required to process the personal data you provide us with in a responsible manner. In accordance with the six principles below it must be:

  • processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to individuals;
  • collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner that is incompatible with those purposed; further processing for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes shall not be considered to be incompatible with the initial purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  • accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date; every reasonable step must be taken to ensure that personal data that is inaccurate, having regard to the purposes for which it is processed, are erased or rectified without delay;
  • kept in a form which permits identification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data is processed; personal data may be stored for longer periods insofar as the personal data will be processed solely for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes subject to implementation of the appropriate technical and organisational measures required by the GDPR in order to safeguard the rights and freedoms of individuals;
  • processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organisational measures.

3. Your Personal Data

What Personal Data do we collect?

We provide a credit brokering service. By completing our secure online application form we pass your details to our lenders’ systems so they can make an informed decision whether to lend to you or not. If we are not able to find you a lender, we may pass your details to another credit broker or provide an alternative solution to help you understand and improve your financial position

The information we ask you to provide via the application form on this website is the minimum required for us to provide you with the service and for our lenders to provide you with a loan decision.

The personal data we usually ask you to provide is:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential address
  • Email addresses and phone numbers
  • Income and employment details
  • Bank account information

Other ways we collect your personal data include

  • Registration on another site – you may have provided your personal data to a credit broker by filling in forms on their website, consented for the information to be passed to us and been re-directed to our website
  • In correspondence between us and to enable us to answer queries or address complaints
  • Details of your visits to our sites and the resources you access (including, but not limited to, IP address, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data). Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information.

Why do we collect your Personal Data?

The main reason we collect your personal data is to provide you with a credit brokering service and help you gain access to short term personal loan offers.

We also use information about you to:

  • Communicate with you in connection with your enquiry by email, SMS, telephone or post
  • Contact you to offer products, services or offers you may be interested in (where we have your express consent to do so)
  • Verify your personal information
  • Conduct statistical analysis for our own internal processes and/or to detect, prevent and investigate actual and potential fraud and related activities.
  • Update this website to meet our customers’ needs in the future and develop, improve and update our products.
  • Assist us in the administration and servicing of your account.
  • Notify you of any changes to our services
  • Comply with any legal or regulatory obligations

Legal basis for collecting your personal data

How we process your personal data depends on the reason you have given it to us. When you are browsing our website we process your personal data on the basis that you have given consent by using the website.

When you complete all loan application details on our website we process this data on the basis that we have a legitimate interest in processing this data – you have come to us to provide you with a service and, as a part of providing that service, we have to process your data.

Where you have given us consent to market related products and offers to you via the opt-in box on the application page, we will process your personal data to perform that service.

How we use your Personal Data

We use the personal data you input via the online loan application form to match your details with our panel of lenders and credit brokers.

We, and our panel of lenders and credit brokers, will keep you informed as to the progress of your loan application via telephone, email or SMS unless specified otherwise.

Where you have provided consent, we and our trusted third-parties will provide you with information about related products, services and offers that may be of interest to you. This contact will be made via the contact method you selected on the application page.

You can opt out of marketing messages we send by clicking the link or via the opt-out page on this website. Alternatively you can email us at

To opt out of marketing received from any of our trusted third parties you will need to unsubscribe via the links provided in their communications with you.

Who do we share your personal data with?

In relation to your loan application your personal data will be shared with Loan Mart Limited in accordance with this privacy policy and our panel of lenders and credit brokers. You are also agreeing that our lenders and brokers can use Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) and Fraud Prevention Agencies (FRAs) to assess your credit (see below for more information regarding these agencies).

Please be aware that our lenders with whom we share your information may use it for their legitimate business interests to match applications, carry out fraud checks, carry out research such as analysis of market trends and customer demographics and to customise and develop the product/service which they may offer to you or other individuals in the future. Most lenders might use this for up to twelve months.

Our panel of lenders and credit brokers include the following, but are not limited to:

Credit Brokers (introducing customers to lenders):

Affiliate ROI LLC – Bizfella Limited – Butler Westbury Limited t/a Talk Loans – Choose Wisely Limited – Hamilton Digital Solutions Limited – Ineffable Limited – Interlincx Media Corporation – Leadtree Global Limited – Loan Mart Limited – Maintain Marketing Limited – Mediablanket Limited – Mindflow Marketing Limited Limited – Monevo Limited – Money Genie Limited – Quiddi Hub Limited – Sandhurst Associates Limited t/a Sandhurst Associates – Season Marketing Limited – Serpable Limited – Silver City Tech Limited t/a Silver City – Think Money Limited – Whitlock Corp Limited – William Ellis Sinclair (ZA033005).

Lenders (providers of personal and short-term loans):

1plus1 Loans Limited t/a 1plus1 Loans – Active Securities Limited t/a – Advancis t/a Buddy Loans – Amigo Loans t/a Amigo – AvantCredit of UK LLC t/a AvantCredit – Bamboo Limited t/a Bamboo – Care Retirement Options Limited t/a Care Finance and Loans – CashEuroNet UK LLC t/a Pounds to Pocket/Quick Quid – Cash on Go Limited t/a – Curo Transatlantic Limited t/a WageDay Advance/Juo loans – DJS (UK) Limited t/a PiggyBank – Elevate Credit International Limited t/a – Everyday Lending Limited t/a Everyday Loans/Trust Two/Selfy Loans – Evergreen Finance London Limited t/a – Evolution Money Limited – Ferratum UK Limited t/a Ferratum – Gain Credit LLC t/a Lending Stream LLC – George Banco Limited t/a George – Gracombex Limited t/a The Money Platform – Harvey & Thompson Limited t/a H&T Money – Hymarc Limited t/a Stepstone Credit – Indigo Michael Limited t/a Safety Net Credit – Lend a Hand Finance Limited – Loan Machine Limited t/a Lead Affinity – Loan Marketing Limited t/a Credit Perfect – Loans 2 Go Limited t/a Loans 2 Go – Match the Cash Limited t/a Guarantor My – MMP Financial Limited t/a – Mobile Money Ltd t/a Mobile Money – Morses Club PLC t/a Morses Club & Dot Dot Loans – My Finance Club Limited – MYJAR IT OU – Nextcredit Limited t/a Nextcredit – Novaloans Limited t/a – PDL Finance Limited t/a Mr Lender – Progressive Money Limited – Provident Personal Credit Limited trading as Provident and Satsuma Loans with registered office at 1 Godwin Street BD1 2SU (email – Quint Group Limited t/a Quint – Response Funding Limited t/a Response Funding – RS Datatech t/a UK Credit Ratings – Stagemount Limited t/a Quidmarket T Dot UK Limited t/a – Temple Finance Limited t/a PerfectHome – TFS Loans Limited t/a TFS Loans – The Quick Loan Shop Ltd t/a – TM Advances Limited t/a TM Advances – Total Home Loans Direct Limited t/a THL Direct – Trusted Cash Limited t/a Trusted Quid – UK Credit Limited t/a UK Credit – Uncle Buck Finance LLP t/a Uncle Buck – Valour Finance Limited t/a – Vanquis Bank Limited – Western Circle Limited t/a*

*We may send your personal information to Western Circle Limited who are authorised by the FCA as both a Lender and a Credit Broker. If Western Circle accepts your application but is unable to provide you with a loan directly, then it may choose to send your application to other lenders and/or credit brokers (all of whom will be authorised by the FCA) to find you a loan.

Where you have given your express consent to marketing, your personal data will be shared with us and our trusted third parties so we can inform you about products, services or offers which may be of interest.

Our trusted third parties include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Amigo Loans – Choose Wisely Limited – Crystal Prospects Limited – Debt Consultancy Services C.I.C – Digital Marketing Lead Solutions Limited – Leadbyte Limited – Galactic Marketing Limited – Wholesale SMS Limited

Our related products, services and offers are:

Loan Comparison – Payday Loans/Short Term Credit – Debt Management – Loan Brokerage – Credit and Debit Cards – Credit Score Companies – Current Accounts – Guarantor Loans – Car Finance – Utility Switching – Broadband – Online Retailers – Claims – Tax Rebate.

Regulatory bodies

We may need to disclose your personal data to regulatory bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority or Information Commissioner’s Office or any other applicable regulatory, government, compliance or law enforcement agency.


We may also disclose your personal data if required or permitted to do so by law or in connection with legal proceedings or in connection with the sale or transfer of our business.

Credit Reference Agencies and Fraud Prevention Agencies

Our lenders may use both credit referencing agencies and fraud prevention agencies to help make relevant decisions on any application.

Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs)

  • When this type of check is made a footprint will appear on your credit file, this can be seen by other lenders. CRAs provide us with shared credit data, fraud prevention data and public data; this data will include the electoral register. You may contact any or all the credit reference agencies (CRA’s) directly.

Fraud Prevention Agencies (FPAs)

When we assess your application we will also check your identity in order to prevent fraud and crime; this includes money laundering. We may also make additional searches over periods of time with CRAs and FPAs. This ensures that our records are kept up to date with any vital data. This data will then be used to ascertain whether to continue with your credit or any future credit that may be available. As we have an obligation to comply with responsible lending, FPAs and CRAs assist us in doing so.

If you choose to contact a CRA, please bear in mind that the data held may not be the same so it may be useful to contact all CRAs.

A small fee may be charged when data is requested. We have provided below contact details for the CRAs:

  • CallCredit, Consumer Services Team, PO Box 491, Leeds, LS3 1WZ, 0870 060141
  • Equifax Plc, Credit File Advice Centre, PO Box 3001, Bradford, BD1 5US, Tel number 0870 010 0583,
  • Experian, Consumer Help Service, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG80 7WF, 0844 4818000,

Data sent to CRAs

  • Data received by CRAs will be recorded by them. If after an application via us you take out a loan, the activity and details of management of your account will be passed onto them by the lender. In the event that you take out a loan and fail to repay back the full funds required this will also be recorded with the CRA. In this case data may be passed onto other companies by CRAs and FPAs in order to locate and trace you in order to recover any outstanding debts. We must warn you that if this does occur then this will remain on your record for 6 years once a case has been closed by either settlement or default.

Inaccurate information provided by you

  • False or inaccurate data if given by yourself will be brought to the attention of FPAs or other relevant companies who deal in fraud/crime prevention. The same applies if we or our lenders suspect fraud or false or inaccurate data has been supplied. Any reported instances may also be accessed by law enforcement agencies i.e. HMRC, regulatory bodies or the police, for use to prevent any possible fraud and money laundering for the following:
    • Managing credit and credit related accounts or facilities
    • Recovering debt
    • Checking details on proposals and claims for all types of insurance
    • Checking details of job applicants and employees

Data recorded outside the UK

We or our lenders may use and get access to data outside of the UK that has been recorded and reported by fraud prevention agencies.

How long do we keep your data for?

The amount of time we retain your data for depends on the basis it was provided by you to us:

  • In order to provide you with a service we will be required to keep the data whilst we continue to provide you with a service for however long this may take us.
  • If you request that we do not contact you for advertising and marketing reasons, then we still need to keep your application data as this reflects your preferences. The information we retain will be the minimum we are required to keep
  • Data is kept relating to any transactions you may enter via our website. This data will be kept for a minimum of 6 years which will commence at the end of the relationship. We are required to do this to ensure that if any disputes or complaints are raised, then we have your data to enable us to address the complaints or disputes.
  • In order to comply with our obligations under UK & EU law.
  • Your data will not be used for marketing purposes after 12 months from the date you provided consent unless we have received a further subsequent consent from you.

We will retain your personal data as advised above unless we have a legitimate reason for retaining it beyond those dates.

Where will your personal data be held?

Your personal data may be held within the European Economic Area which comes under the GDPR. Where personal data is transferred or stored outside of the European Economic Union we check whether the EU Commission has issued an adequacy decision, which is a confirmation from them that the personal data will be afforded the same level of protection as if it was within the European Economic Union.

If there is not an adequacy decision in place, and to comply with GDPR requirements, we will ensure the transfer of personal data is protected by other means, including where explicit consent from the data subject has been received or through contractual obligations with relevant third parties regarding usage of the personal data.

Confidentiality & security

Keeping your personal data secure and confidential is of tantamount importance to us. Due to this we have introduced rules, measures, specialist technology and implemented security policies to ensure that your data is protected.

We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to secure your personal data and only provide your personal data to the staff who have to access it for the function of carrying out their duties.

Whilst we make every attempt to protect your data there are still risks involved when inputting your data online and we need to make you aware of this.

We can further confirm that all parties we share your personal data with, such as our lenders, credit brokers and trusted third parties are bound by contract to maintain the security and integrity of your personal data.

Please be advised that, although Techno Digital Marketing Limited takes all reasonable precautions to protect your data, no data storage or data transmission security is guaranteed. Accordingly, Techno Digital Limited cannot, and does not, represent, warrant, or guarantee the complete security of any data storage or data transmission. You agree that your access to and use of this site and your use of Techno Digital Limited’s services, which necessarily includes data storage and data transmission, is carried out at your own risk.

4. Your Individual Rights

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  • The right to be informed
  • The right of access
  • The right to rectification
  • The right to erasure
  • The right to restrict processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object

Subject to certain circumstances, you are able to exercise all of the above rights.

Where you elect to exercise any of your rights please be aware we not charge you a fee.

However, if we receive excessive, repetitive or unfounded requests we are permitted to charge a reasonable fee.

Right to be informed

You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data. To be completely transparent with how we use your personal data we provide you with the following privacy information:

  • The name and contact details of our organisation and the contact details of our Data Protection Officer
  • The purposes and lawful basis for processing personal data
  • The categories of personal data obtained
  • The recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data
  • The details of transfers of the personal data to any third countries or international organisations
  • The retention periods for the personal data
  • The rights available to individuals in respect of the processing
  • The right to withdraw consent and the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
  • The details of the existence of automated decision-making, including profiling.

We regularly review, and where necessary, update our privacy information.

Right of access

You have the right to know who has access to your personal data, what it is being used for, where it’s kept, and everything about your personal data as it passes through our data process.

A ‘Subject Access Request’ (SAR) can be made requesting us to supply you with all reasonable information or documentation that we hold relating to your personal data. You can make a subject access request verbally or in writing. If you make your request verbally, we recommend you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence.

Before providing any information we must verify the identity of the person making the request using ‘reasonable means’. We will ask you for your first name, surname, date of birth, address, a utility bill (or similar) and the method by which you received marketing communications.

Please email your SAR to our Data Protection Officer:

Responses will be provided electronically in a clear format unless requested otherwise.

We have one month to comply with this request but if the request is complex can extend the period for a further two months. You would be notified of the time limit when making the request.

For more information on how you make a SAR please visit

Right to rectification

The GDPR includes a right for individuals to have inaccurate personal data rectified or completed if it is incomplete.

It is important that the personal data you input on this website is accurate, complete and up to date.

We will assume the personal data you provide is correct and provide our services on this basis. If fraudulent information is given then we may be alerted to this by a Fraud Prevention Agency.

If you think you have mistakenly given us incorrect information, please contact us at and we will update it as soon as possible.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure the personal data we hold about you is right, if you notice any errors in any communications received from us please send us an email detailing the changes to the email address above and we will ensure it is accurate.

We will rectify the information within a month of receiving your request and inform all relevant third parties of the amendment. If the request is complex we can extend the period for a further two months.

Right to erasure

You have the right to erasure which is also known as a ‘request to be forgotten’. This equates to asking for any personal data you have supplied to be removed from our systems where there is no reason to keep processing it.

This right can be exercised under the following circumstances:

  • Where the individual withdraws consent
  • Where the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected/processed.
  • The personal data was unlawfully processed (i.e. otherwise in breach of the GDPR).
  • When the individual objects to the processing and there is no overriding legitimate interest for continuing processing.
  • The personal data has to be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation.
  • The personal data is processed in relation to the offer of information society services to a child.

We will suppress and remove all data held, upon request. Our marketing partners will immediately be informed of the request and will follow the same actions. We will however keep the communication of the ‘request to be forgotten’ for our records. Where we cannot remove all your personal data we will notify you.

Grounds on which we can legally refuse a request are:

  • To comply with a legal obligation
  • The exercise or defence of legal claims
  • To exercise the right of freedom of expression and information

Right to restrict processing

You can ask us to stop or restrict processing your personal data. It is an alternative to requesting erasure of your data.

This is not an absolute right and will only apply in certain circumstances such as:

  • Where you are contesting the accuracy of your personal data and we are verifying the accuracy of the data.
  • The data has been unlawfully processed (i.e. in breach of the lawfulness requirement)
  • We no longer need the personal data but we need to keep it in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.

As a matter of good practice we will automatically restrict processing your personal data whilst we are considering its accuracy or the legitimate grounds for processing the personal data in question.

When we restrict your personal data, we are still permitted to store it but not use it. We will inform all relevant third parties to confirm this right is carried out.

You can make a request for restriction at any time and we have one month in which to respond to your request. This can be extended by two months where the request is complex or we receive a number of requests. We would advise you if an extension is necessary clearly stating our reasons why.

Right to data portability

The right to data portability allows individuals to obtain and reuse their personal data for their own purposes across different services. Before transferring your personal data we will carry out rigorous checks to verify your identity.

The right to data portability applies:

  • To personal data an individual has provided to a controller;
  • Where the processing is based on the individual’s consent or for the performance of a contract; and
  • When processing is carried out by automated means.

If you request us to transfer your information we will do so in a format that is structured, commonly used and in a machine-readable form.

We will respond to your request within one month. This can be extended by two months where the request is complex or we receive a number of requests. We would advise you if an extension is necessary clearly stating our reasons why.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data if it is for direct marketing purposes.

You can consent to receive direct marketing from us and our trusted third parties on our application page. This is not compulsory and, where consent has been given, it can be withdrawn at any time.

As soon as a ‘right to object’ request is received, we will cease processing your personal data and contact all parties we deal with to ensure they also cease processing your personal data. We ask for 3-5 working days to cease all communications.

5. Further Information

Notification of Breach

We make a promise as a company, that we will inform you at the first sign of a data breach. We want to make sure we are being completely transparent with you regarding your data and the security of your data. We will contact you via email or phone, to inform you of any suspicious activity.

Data Protection Officer

Within our company we have a designated DPO (Data Protection Officer), their contact details are as follows:

By calling: 0800 3600 284


Write to: The Data Protection Officer, Techno Digital Limited, 4th Floor 18 St. Cross Street, London, England, EC1N 8UN


If you have any complaints about how we have used your personal data please contact our Data Protection Officer at Our Complaints Policy is also posted on this website.

We do recommend that you bring any issues to our attention as soon as possible. The sooner we know about the issue the sooner we can help resolve it.

We will do our best to resolve your complaint but if you remain unsatisfied with any aspect relating to your personal information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

The ICO may be contacted at

By post at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF Telephone: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a national rate number.

Alternatively, you may have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service who can be contacted at

By post at Exchange Towner, London, E14 9SR

Telephone: 0800 023 4567 (0300 123 9123 from a mobile)

Usage of links to other sites

This website may provide links to other websites which have privacy policies that differ from ours. This privacy policy applies only to this website and how we process your personal data.

We cannot be held responsible for the other sites privacy policy which will be specific to them. This also applies to site content, practices they carry out and the services and products they may offer; all of which we cannot take any liability for.

As part of providing a credit brokering service to you, you will be directed to a lender should your loan application be successful. Please check their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before proceeding with the loan. Please direct any questions regarding their loan offer directly to them for an accurate response.


When you visit this website a small text file known as a ‘cookie’ is placed on your computer or other device which may provide some personal data details from you. Some cookies are required for the functioning of the website, others allow us to recognise you each time you visit and remember your preferences. Cookies are also used to improve user experience on the website, advertising, tracking and browsing habits.

By continuing to use this website you agree to cookies being used. For further information please read our ‘Cookie Policy’.

Processing special categories of personal data

Should we be required to process your special categories of personal data, then we will notify you and seek your explicit consent prior to us doing so. Special categories of personal data as defined under GDPR are:

  • Race;
  • Ethnic origin;
  • Politics;
  • Religion
  • Trade union membership;
  • Genetics;
  • Biometrics (where used for ID purposes);
  • Health;
  • Sex life or sexual orientation;
  • Suspected or proven criminal activity (including any proceedings).


We do not knowingly collect any personal data from children under the age of eighteen. Applicants on this website must be eighteen years of age or older to use our services.

Consent to this privacy policy

By ticking the confirmation box on the application form you confirm that you have read and accepted this privacy policy and give your consent to your personal data being used as set out above.

If you do not agree to the contents of this Privacy Policy and how we handle your personal data please do not continue to use the website.

Changes to this privacy policy

Techno Digital Limited reserves the right to amend the content of this privacy policy at any time. If this occurs we will update policy and the revised policy will be posted on this website.

If you are using our services we would encourage you to visit this privacy policy on a regular basis to make sure you have read the latest version and understand what we do with your information.